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Casinos in Alaska Ultimate Guide

casinos in Alaska state
Casinos in alaska

Even though Alaska is well known by many people of being the barren state compared to the other 49. The state has not been deprived of real money casino gaming rather.

Yes, the state of Alaska does not consist of any land-based casino. But online casinos in Alaska has been thriving making sure that they offer players the best gaming extravaganza.

For players to enjoy real money gaming, they need to be at the age of 21, this is amongst the gambling laws that players need to follow for them to place their real money bets at the top casinos in Alaska.

Gambling Laws in Alaska Casinos

Gambling in Alaska state is illegal and maybe that’s one of the main reasons why the state does not have land-based casinos. If you visit the state you won’t be able to play games such as online poker or come across any sportsbook in Alaska.

While online gambling is deemed illegal there’s actually no specific law in the state that restrict players from betting online

Nevertheless, players can get involved and place bets on particular events such as when will the first goose fly in Alaska. Since gambling is restricted in the state, gambling is not restricted to charities that include pull tabs, bingo and raffles.

Regulatory Bodies in Alaska

The Alaska state falls the National Indian Gaming Commission. There are so many signs that the state takes gambling seriously.

Since there is a lack of casinos online and land-based casinos in the state, this has made the state authorities to come up with gambling measure to those who are involved in gambling.

Above all, there is the Alaska Gambling Anonymous offer support forums along with help-self services.

Top Land-based Casinos in Alaska

Well, to make it very clear, there are casinos in Alaska, rather there is the availability of ten peri-mutuel facilities. The biggest and the well-known gaming facility in Alaska is the MIC Gaming Hall that is in Metlakatla. This beautiful facility encompasses 90 gaming machines which are bingo machines that carry a slot like display.

Adding to that, the Royal Caribbean International is actually a cruise ship in Alaska. This is whereby players can actually play their top choice of real money casino games. Nevertheless, the cruise ship carries multiple destinations at the same time the gambling activities take place in the sea.

Casinos Alaska in Numbers

Even though there are no gambling spaces in the state, it doesn’t mean gambling in Alaska is completely lost. On that note, you can have a look at the state’s gambling statistics below:

  • table games 0
  • 10 pari-mutuel facilities 10
  • Available slots 92
  • Number of Poker Table 0
  • Number of Sportsbook 0


Despite Alaska being not a conducive gambling place. There are quite a number of states in the USA that will offer you the best real money gambling experience. You can simply your bets at the best casinos in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Real money casinos are available at the aforementioned states. You can enjoy games such as baccarat, blackjack, roulette and poker.

Casinos in Alaska FAQs

Does Alaska have any casinos?
No, there are no legal casinos in Alaska. Residents simply enjoy gambling from the cruise off to the coast of Canada.
How old do you have to gamble in Alaska?
The legal age to participate in gambling in the Alaska state is 21 in the cruise since the state does not offer any land-based gambling space.
Why are there no casinos in Alaska?
This is because the state does not fit the real definition of Indian Lands which can actually independently. Even though these tribes are eager to have casinos in this state, they are then restricted to low-value games such as bingo.
Is Poker Legal in Alaska?
The game of poker is not legal in the state. There is no bill that has been brought up forward and it seems like the state will not that any time soon.
Are casinos legal in Alaska?
No, actually there are no licensed casinos in the state of Alaska. This means that casino players in the state enjoy casino games mostly from the cruise ship.