April fool's day USA

April fool’s day

The world has turned to into a massive cahoots and a lot of confusion is taking place amid the coronavirus pandemic. We are actually living in difficult moments and in the USA, people are now seeking refuge in their home.

And there is no way you can be indoors and expect to experience loads of fun. Well, this is the moment to be creative and April fool’s day is the day that you can utilize to create loads of fun during this quarantine period.

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Well, take some time to create some amazing pranks you can practice on your family this April 1 Fools day.

As you come up with your own April Fools day pranks make sure that you don’t joke about the coronavirus. To make your life less complicated and stop joking on things that are sensitive. Please follow some of the best April fool’s day pranks we have compiled for you.

Pretend to be Typing forever

During this quarantine period, everyone is indoors and at most, we are spending too much time on our phone. Well, there is actually a prank behind that behaviour. As everyone is paying attention to their phones there are three dots that are indicating that someone is typing a message that carries great weight and a long message actually.

But then you wonder, why is it they are typing for an eternity? Or is it that they are actually not typing? In the end, you will receive a message of a gif with three dots. With that, you wonder what really happened. Well, it’s just a simple prank actually.

Text Replacement

iPhones carry a feature that is there to assist in enhancing typing speed, this can actually be hijacked in the name of a laugh. The text replacement is there to fix quick errors, for instance, if you type eth instead of the. It can also be used to automatically replace “good morning” with Can I get fries with that?” every single time.

The only you can do it is by making use of the physical phone. Therefore, it is mostly applicable to those who are in quarantine. And since we are all in quarantine you should spice up the fun this April fool’s day and enjoy with your family.


Is there any perpetual trick than the fart? If you are amongst the ones that have a whoopee pad on your hand or you have a certain skill at the hand in the armpit trick. This trick is good if you want to do this prank the old fashion way.  For the rest of the team, you can simply make use of the farting app.


Even though the world is going through sad times. This is one of the days you can utilize and have loads of fun with your family and friends. Just make sure that your pranks will not go on and intimidate someone. If pranks aren’t coming out, you just avoid them and play online casino games at the best USA casinos.

April fool’s day FAQs

What is April fool’s day all about?
Is an annual custom April 1 that carries some practical and amazing hoax and jokes. It is a custom of setting aside a day you have fun through harmless pranks.
Is April fool’s day cancelled this year?
April fool’s day has been cancelled because of the deadly outbreak of the coronavirus
What devices are supported?
Best USA online casinos accept a wide range of devices. The use of computers and desktops is are still used. However, due to the introduction of mobile casinos, you can play also using your mobile devices. You can play using your Android smartphones, iPhone, Ipad, tablets and also Windows phones.
Why is April fool’s day celebrated?
It is celebrated to offer the world a glimpse of fun and laughter through harmless pranks and hoaxes.
What day is April fools day?
April 1 is the day. April fools day has been celebrated from centuries by different cultures. The tradition of this day is carrying joke, hoaxes and pranks on one another not in a harmless way but to have fun.