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Casinos in Arkansas Complete Guide

Online gambling has become the real deal when it comes to real money gaming. But that’s not the story in Arkansas. There are no online casinos for real money in Arkansas and as it stands it doesn’t look like the casinos are moving towards legalizing online gambling anytime soon.

Despite that, Arizona has a good tradition with some amazing land-based casinos, right now there are no legal fundamentals to legalize online casinos. Discussions of legalizing online casinos in Arkansas have been taking place. But even though that might be the case, there are no tangible plans in place right now.

Arkansas CAsinos Online
Arkansas CAsinos

However, the state does have a state lottery. Lottery gaming simply indicates an openness to other forms of real money betting.

Even though there are no legalities for online gambling in Arkansas. Real money gamblers can still register with recommended online casinos in Arkansas. This simply means that players have the opportunity of enjoying real money deposit bonuses offers. Thereafter, you can choose the casino game that you want to play in Arkansas.

As much as casino bonuses are all enticing and amazing, you need to be always on the loop of the expiry date. Most of the bonuses at these casinos come with an expiry date.

Land-based Casinos Arkansas

With the trace of the state’s history, the state of Arkansas was once an active hub for gambling. This means casinos in Arkansas are available in two locations. Both of the casinos are located at racetracks.

Furthermore, Hot Springs is a protected reserve that is within the state. The place has its own fair share of gambling history that runs through the Civil War as well as a prescription. Hot springs consist of 10 main casinos that are always available to make sure players place their wagers, play for real money, and win. Even though casinos in Arkansas were dissipated for up to 40 years, they managed to find its way out to be dominant yet again.

Types of Casinos in Arkansas

Keep this in mind; there are no Indian casinos in Arkansas. The two types of casinos you will find in this state are Pari-mutuel that offers electronic games of skill. These games are legally defined as “games played via an electronic device. This offers a chance for the exercise of skill judgement whereby the results are not clearly controlled by the luck alone.

Nevertheless, there is one casino in West Memphis and there is one in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Both casinos make sure that gamblers enjoy live horse racing when it is in season.

In addition, the most played casino games you will ever find at that particular place include;

  • Video poker
  • Video blackjack
  • Slots

These games are meant to be skilled-based games; this is because once you witness the results of the first spins. This simply means you will be required to retain any or even all of the symbols on every reel or not even a single one prior to your next spin.

Arkansas State Gambling Laws

There are laws in the state that forbid gambling; these laws are so old to an extent that even the penalties are the same since 1976. This includes even the fines of $10 and $25. Nevertheless, these laws failed to address online gambling. The only clear issues are the dissimilarity between gambling amongst each other and running a casino house. This means possessing and operating gambling machines and arranging gambling events.

Residents of Arkansas will enjoy real money casino table games such as blackjack when they cross over to the neighbouring states. These states include; Mississippi, Louisiana or Oklahoma. At these places, you will find general and legal slot machines to play for real money and win big in prizes.

Above all, efforts are being to further legalize casinos; this means the Quapaw tribe of Oklahoma are after building a new casino.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are no Indian casinos in Arkansas. There are only two casinos in the state. At the same time, there is also no casino in West Memphis and there is one casino in Hot Springs, Arkansas. These casinos offer gamblers live horse racing when the racing starts every year.

In addition, the popular casino games at the two casinos in Arkansas include video poker, video blackjack and slots. The slot games at these casinos are meant to be skill-based games. This is because after observing the results of the first spin players have the permission to retain any of the symbols on the reel.

Furthermore, the gaming regulations require that all the electronics games of skill at all casinos in Arkansas must make sure that they return a minimum of 83%.