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Ultimate Online Blackjack Rules for Real Online Gamblers

Online Blackjack rules 2020

Online Blackjack rules

Understanding the most applicable online blackjack rules is very essential and critical for online gamblers in the USA. Understanding the concept of the rules will trigger online casino players in America to experience amazing and successful gameplay.

Top 10 Online Casino is here to make you understand the ultimate online blackjack rules. We have no doubt that these rules will even propel you to win real money in real time. Just take your time to grasp them as we give them to you.

However, the first thing to take note before you embark on signing up for the online casino of your choice. It is also very important to if the online casino you have chosen pays up to 6 or 5 or the most preferably 3 to 2.

Moreover take note on how they handle special because at the end of it all, its all about winning real money. Also, take note if some of the rules are applied equally to both downloadable and flash blackjack games.

Even though the basic rules of online blackjack may be considered universal to every online casino. It must be noted that each online casino differs on some of the details. Let’s take for instance if you are an online blackjack player and you prefer to surrender your hand before taking other action.

That course of action is available to some online casino but with some casinos, you will simply have to wait and find out.

Understanding the Basic Rules of Online Blackjack

Online Blackjack is one of the amazing online classic table games that has evolved for so many years. The good thing about Blackjack is that it gives online players in the United States of America an opportunity to understand it before wagering for real money.

However, there are certain types of rules that you have to simply understand before you risk your hard-earned greenback. Wise players know that Top10OnlinCasino.Site offers an ultimate guide on the basic rules of the online blackjack game.

The following rules will surely give you a free opportunity of winning the big prize.

Online Blackjack Rules

  1. The main objective of online blackjack is to make sure you beat the dealer simultaneously without exceeding 21 total card value.
  2. The game can also be played with 1 to 8 deck of cards.
  3. Players must understand that the face cards are always valued at 10. An Ace can be valued at 1 or 11 whichever way that carries the most advantageous to your hand.
  4. Players must know that a hard hand is one that does not have any Aces, or in that case, an Ace can be counted as 1 as a way of avoiding a bust. However, A soft hand carries at least one Ace that can be valued at 1 or 11 without a bust.
  5. The player is dealt with two cards, while the dealer is dealt a card in the hole. There will be one card up that is shown to everyone. Take note: the dealer’s card inside the hole is hidden until the round is over.


  1. If the dealer’s face value is an Ace he will offer a supplementary insurance bet to players. Therefore the additional bet.
  2. With your initial two cards, you have an option to hit, ask for another or you can opt to stand. As you do this make sure your face values does not exceed 21 or else you bust and lose money.
  3. If you exceed 21 and bust the dealer will automatically win the round.
  4. Scooping an Ace or a 10 initially you have achieved a blackjack.
  5. The dealer must also hit if his hand total is less than 17. The can stand at 17 totals or more without exceeding 21.

Top Online Casino to Play Online Blackjack

Now that you have the arsenal of understanding online blackjack rules. It is also then up to you to choose the best online casino in the States that will offer you the best gaming experience. Let’s walk you through some of the ultimate online casinos that are legal for online gamblers.

  1. Bovada Online Casino

    One of our USA friendly online casino that offers casino players some brilliant action is non-other than Bovada online casino. The casino is there to make sure that players receive generous 100% Bonuses up to $250 which are redeemable 4 times triggering the potential of getting $4000. Bovada carries a good reputation in America and online players in the States made it claim the number 1 spot for the best gambling services and that include the well-orchestrated game of online blackjack.

  2. Las Vegas Casino

    This casino is amongst the list due to its love of online blackjack. Their blackjack bonuses are absolutely awesome. They deliver an amazing 150% bonus that adds up to $3000. The casino is powered by RTG therefore moreover reasons why you should rely on it,