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Basic Online Blackjack Strategy Tips

Online Blackjack has been evolving in online casino gambling for quite some time hence, it has given birth to many things including online Blackjack strategy tips. Considering the years that this amazing table has been in existence it is not a surprise why casino players have managed to come up with various strategies to make sure online gambler in the USA win real money.

The first attempt to create a blackjack strategy took place based on mathematics in 1956. Now the strategy has been embraced by other online casino players. Online Blackjack strategy is there to make online casino players win real money.

Before we even grasp too many details relating to this amazing table games. Online gamblers must keep in mind that blackjack requires the best online Blackjack strategy to make sure they walk away with a smile.

However, to come up with the best strategy that can win you real money you have to be aware of what you are doing. This includes the outcome of that strategy you have chosen. However, there are certain Dos and Don’ts you should take not for you to produce your A-game.

Dos to Apply When Playing Online Blackjack

When playing this amazing table game of 21. Make sure your strategies will work out for the better. The only betterment we can only approve is you winning real money. Therefore make sure you follow some of the DOs we know can help you achieve your goal:

  1. Play on a table where the dealer stands on a soft 17
  2. Make sure you hit on a soft 17
  3. Split a hand of two aces
  4. Hit on a 16 if the dealer stands on 10
  5. Splits 8s
  6. Make sure you play games with fewer decks
  7. Choose and Play games whereby you can double after splitting.


As much as the stakes are high in this table game try not to take too many risks when you are playing. The good thing is you are in the right place at the right time to get all the advice you require. However, let’s share with you the things you should avoid when you are playing this card game.

  1. Play a game of 6 or 8 decks unless you are able to surrender
  2. Avoid Splitting a pair of 10s
  3. Don’t stand on 12 if the dealer has a 7 or higher.
  4. Do not consider taking the insurance
  5. Avoid overusing the surrendering option
  6. Don’t play at online casinos where a dealer hitting 22 results in a push.

Blackjack Online Phrases you need to know

If you want to know more about the game of blackjack it is wise to hang out a lot with players who understand the lingo of the game. The casino web carries a lot of phrases that are used by online casino players as well as the dealer.

Therefore, as a player, it is very important to know and understand some of these phrases. Here at Top10OnlineCasino.Site we have been mandated to make sure online casino players get all the knowledge they require to make sure online high stakes gamblers walk away with the biggest prize.

  1. Face-down Blackjack

    This is a version of the game whereby all the cards on the table are dealt with facing downwards. Knowing this will help you to know if you wagering for the correct version of blackjack.

  2. Face-Up Blackjack

    This version is quite popular with most players. This is whereby all the cards are dealt facing upwards. At most online casinos in the United States, it is also known as the Double Exposure.

  3. House-Edge

    A house edge in blackjack is simply the advantage the casino has over the player calculated as a percentage. This is something very serious that players need to take note of before they sign up to play table games online.

    Online casinos all over the internet carry different house edges, therefore, players must realise the one that is quite favourable to them. The only tip to this is to weigh your options wisely. By so doing you won’t have a problem whatsoever.

  4. Hard hand: Online Blackjack Strategy

    A hard hand is valued at 12 or more and it doesn’t feature an Ace. In the event that a player draws an Ace, he should value it at 1.

  5. Push

    If the player and the dealer have the same hand value after standing, resulting in a tie. It is also known as a stand-off.

Online Blackjack Strategy Tips for Beginners

Internet casino has managed to attract a lot of players. And by so doing a lot of new players have emerged in online table games such as table games. Many players might opt for online pokies but to the beginners who fancy online blackjack, the following tips might be very worthwhile.

Always Split Aces and Eights- Avoid Splitting Tens

The rule of the thumb in an online table game is the one that applies when it comes to this one. The rule states, you should always split Aces and Eights if it happens you have this kind of combination of cards.

Give the Dealer a Chance to Hit

In the event that you have noticed that the dealer has a card which is either 4,5,6. Make sure you trade extremely carefully. These cards might signify that the dealer is at very high risk. This is because if the dealer has a soft hand, he would probably choose to hit, rather than stand to bring his score closer to 21.

This might work at your own advantage as a gambler. Make sure you seize the chance to make sure you double down or you split in order to generate more money into the pot in the event that the dealer burst.

Make sure you Hold onto Your Hand

As a beginner, you should avoid taking risks that will cost you real money. However, if it happens that you are holding a hard 17 the only option is for you to stand. The reason is that even if the chances of you winning are very low, it is also not worth risking to burst in this case.

Therefore if you encounter a scenario like this as a beginner avoid taking the risk and stand.