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Surge in Online Gambling Introduce New Challenges to Crypto Betting Sites

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The worldwide lockdown methods have introduced a massive surge in the online gambling industry. This has increased the growth in the interest of crypto betting across various age groups and geographic region.

Moreover, with events that have been taking place of the coronavirus around the world. The induced market crash back in March. These reports indicated two positive trends for crypto betting interest.

The trends focused mainly on 46% increase in interest beginning with young adults aged 18 to 24. And there is the same 43% growth interest from female users on its platform.

Well, as it stands it does not really need a mathematical nerd to notice that some of the new millennial players migrated to crypto betting sites during this time. At the same time, there is also an expectation of a considerable drop-off in traffic due to the loss of sports betting.

And there has been significant changes with many betting sites welcoming this new clientele.

Crypto Betting Milestone and Market Growth

The PnxBet has passed some significant company milestone in the first half of 2020. This company announced its Asian user-base has managed to pass 100,000, which encompass the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and CIS countries.

The crypto betting growth in this region is now on the verge of bearing exciting results for its users. This can be backed with one of the players in the Philippines winning the amount equivalent to $300,000 on Baccarat in April 2020.

In addition, the instant crypto transaction at PnxBet is whereby players can surely expect something amazing for their loyalty. Players who will find interest in rewards and returns will also enjoy bonuses.

They can claim 75% Live Casino Welcome bonus that will be up to $500. Once the gamblers claim their bonuses, their money will show up on their deposit.

Final Thoughts

Crypto betting will allow players to gamble their bets anytime all they will need is internet access before placing their bets. The rise of crypto betting has been triggered with the lockdown measures with many casinos still shutting their doors in a bid to contain the coronavirus.

Even though there are some casinos that are now operating, most gamblers are still not safe to visit the casino hall. Rather, they are opting to place their bets at the comfort of their homes.


[accordiongroup id=”743″ markup=”default”][accordion group=”743″ title=”Is it safe to bet with cryptocurrency?” active=”true”]Cryptocurrencies are vulnerable to an ever-changing market it does not mean that placing your bets using them is not safe. Cryptocurrency safety is assured.[/accordion][accordion group=”743″ title=”How do I use bitcoin for sports betting?” active=””]The most essential thing to do is to make sure that you register at a reliable bookmaker. Thereafter, you can buy Bitcoins from any reliable broker and keep them in your specialized bitcoin wallet. From there you will be able to make deposit from your wallet.[/accordion][accordion group=”743″ title=”Is it legal to place a bet using Bitcoin?” active=””]Yes, but you need to remember that this is form of transaction is still not a legal tender. But there is no law that can support that on the meantime. If you are a USA citizen, you can use Bitcoin on sports vetting sites that are outside the country.[/accordion][/accordiongroup]