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What Happens When Casino Employees Tests Positive? Point of View

Reopened Las Vegas Casino Poker Rooms

Reopened Las Vegas Casino Poker Rooms

The previous week, at least nine casino employees tested positive for COVID-19, instigating a mix of reactions from various companies. Some of the companies instantly shut their doors where the employee once worked. Whilst others kept their operations functional, refusing to share enough evidence on which department the casino employee has worked before.

The hotels and casinos that have discovered the positive COVID-19 tests amongst its employees are required to visit the Nevada Health District. This move is up to the casino operator to determine their next move if any mishaps happen.

“It really comes down to evaluating each individual case,” Brian Labus highlighted.

He is an assistant professor in epidemiology and biostatistics at UNLV as well as a member of the medical team advising Nevada Gov Steve Sisolak. “Every situation is unique.”

A Mixed Response

According to the health regulations, the department that involves contact tracing must notify those who had close contact with the infected individuals. This is to make sure that they can go into self-quarantine and slow the spread of the virus.

Even though the casinos in the state are able to assist the department by handing out timesheets. These timesheets comes with the information of the employee.

“There’s an important reason for that: The employee only spends part of their day at work,” he said.

Any time there’s an outbreak or places that need to be investigated, it’s always a collaboration between the business and the health district.

Las Vegas Casinos Plans

In addition, many casinos in Las Vegas have come up with plans in response to COVID-19 positive casino employees.

This comes after Las Vegas Sands spokesman Keith Salwoski hinted on the imminent of shutting down the casinos in the state.

However, in the event that an employee has contracted COVID-19 the casinos’ health and safety plan indicate that it will assist the affected individual with access to required medical plan and treatment. Most of the casinos in Las Vegas are offering two weeks paid off time to employees that tests positive.

Final Thoughts

Even though the coronavirus has affected many businesses in the USA. It is very fortunate that real money gamblers can still rely on online casinos for real money bets. You can still visit the best casinos that we recommend for the best online gaming extravaganza.


There are currently 51 real money casinos in Las Vegas.

  1. Bitcoin Casinos: 89%
  2. Ethereum: 7%
  3. Litecoin: 2%
  4. Ripple: 2%

The Golden Gate is the oldest casino in Las Vegas and it has been in operational since 1906.

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