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Best 3-Card Poker Strategies Complete Guide

3-card poker or tri card poker is one of the unique online poker variants. The game is available at many top online casinos in the United States. 3-Card Poker strategies are very easy to understand. The best moments of this game is when online players enjoy a moderate house edge at their favourite online casino. This simply means that online casino players have something to cheer about since the earning are absolutely higher.

But the only way you scoop big in online 3-Card Poker is understanding a few strategies that will win you real money. And here at Top10OnlineCasino.Site we are ready to share with you some few tips on how best you can win 3-Card Poker. Here are some of the strategies you can use to beat the dealer.

3-Card Poker USA

3-Card Poker

Play Two Games at Once

Right now you might be wondering how can you play two games at once. Well, the impossible can be made possible when playing online Three Card Poker. This is one of the 3-Card Poker strategies that has made many players walk away with a smile. It is very wise and smart to play two three-card poker games at once.

Try to play the Pair Plus and the Ante-Play on the same hand.

Let’s say you have a pair of sixes and the croupier has eights. You will definitely win if you choose to go with the pair plus bet. But a set back is that you will lose the Ante-Play because the croupier has a higher pair.

Look for the Best Online Casino

The internet now carries a plethora of online casinos. Therefore this means that online 3-Card Poker will vary. It is a good thing for online casino players to visit a lot of online casinos to see the one that offers the best gaming services. You should take note of payout tables of the casino. That alone will determine if you can play at that particular online casino or not.

Know the Odds of 3-Card Poker

Even though the game is very easy to play. You must also consider that there is a lot at stake during the play. Therefore you should prioritise to know the odds of the game before you place your best.

Odds of Hitting a Pair Plus

Here are the odds or chances of hitting a Pair Plus when you are playing 3-Card Poker. However, this is one of the main 3-Card Poker strategies you should consider when you are playing for real money. Knowing the odds is absolutely important:

  • Bullet Pair 16.94%
  • Bullet Flush 4,9%
  • Bullet Straight 3,26%
  • Bullet Three of a Kind 24%
  • Bullet Straight Flush 22%

If you do the mathematics correctly and add the odds of hitting a Pair Plus is approximately 25%. This means there are high chances of you getting a high card are 75%