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The Top Casinos in Georgia for Real Money Gamblers

Casinos in Georgia USA

Casinos in Georgia

Are there any real money casinos in Georgia? Well, Georgia state became the last state to legalize any form of gambling outside of aids back in 1992. This gave birth to Georgia Lottery and the state became the gambling hub and it attracted many real money players along with businessmen.

The other form of gambling that is permitted in the Peach State is bingo along with raffles as well as video lottery games. Nevertheless, well speaking a lot of Georgia residents will not find traditional live casinos. This is because the games that live casinos hosts are illegal in the state.

If you are looking forward to placing your bets in Peach State you need to also consider is looking for the best and reliable casino you can place your bets on. However, making money in Georgia has become a walk in the park.

This means that players can play casino games that include; Blackjack, Baccarat, roulette and video poker.

Casinos in Georgia Laws

The gambling state laws in the US vary. And there are some state economies that depend on it, whilst others only permit tribal lands with others encompassing zero casinos. Since Georgia gambling is new in the betting space, they are still quite strict in the operation of casinos in the state.

And on that note, let’s take a good look at the gambling laws that are available at most Casinos in Georgia.

The Real Definition of Gambling in Georgia

Before gamblers get the real understanding of the specific gambling laws that are available in the state. They first need to know how the authorities in Georgia define gambling. There are certain casino games in Georgia that players need to know.

These games are also part of the collection that the gaming board authorized. They include games played with card and dice or even balls.

The Types of Gambling that is legal in Peach State

In line with the Georgia gambling legislation, the most technically legal gambling form is the lottery gaming. Hence, lottery games that are allowed include:

  • Bullet Keno
  • Bullet Mega Millions
  • Bullet Fantasy 5
  • Bullet Powerball
  • Bullet Mimic slots
  • Bullet Video lottery

Moreover, another form of betting that is permitted is the daily sports fantasy.

Gambling Types Illegal in Georgia

Even though the gambling legislation in Georgia permits other types of gambling for real money players. There are also other gambling types that are illegal in the state, these include;

  • Bullet Casinos
  • Bullet Chain Letters
  • Bullet Commercial gambling
  • Bullet Horse racing
  • Bullet Election wagering
  • Bullet Pyramid clubs

Adding to that, owning raffles or lottery gaming platforms that are not for charity is considered illegal betting. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you need to double-check with the casino before you place any bets.

Online Gambling

The state lottery is the only authorized online gambling available in Georgia. The good thing is that Georgian can buy the tickets online and win real money at the comfort of their homes.

Moreover, there are also instant gaming online that include keno, and online fantasy sports betting.

Casinos Available in Georgia

Since Georgia state carries strict laws on gambling, land-based casinos are not permitted in the state. The state only allows video lottery games which are available at reliable stores in the state, and these games merely don’t reward cash prizes to gamblers.

The Emerald Princess casino which is available in Brunswick is the cruise liner casino that is available in the state. However, this casino ship will sail through three miles into the international water where gambling is permitted.

In addition, the Emerald Princess will also offer fine dining that will offer gamblers a wonderful experience. The gamblers must be 21 years and older to grand permission on the deck.


Gambling in Georgia is still in the growing phase and the state hasn’t established itself to be called the best gambling hub. But there is a ray of hope that gambling activities will continue to rise and more casinos will get permission to operate in the state.

One of the gambling platforms that gamblers are looking forward to is online casinos. This will enable more players and more casinos to emerge in the state.

Georgia Casinos FAQs

No, there are no land-based casinos in Georgia. But the state consists of casino cruise line which will charter into international waters where betting is legal.
The nearest casino is in North Carolina which is 122 miles away.
Definitely not, slot machines are not legal in Georgia.
The best place you can find video lottery in Georgia is in pubs and gas stations.
Since betting is not legal in the Peach State, horse racing is no exception. This means no horse racing betting is legal in Georgia.