online gambling addiction

online gambling addiction

The internet gaming sector has experienced a boom. With millions of people stranded at home due to lock downs, many of whom were out of work at least temporarily, playing digital slots on a smartphone app or trying to win a few hands of online poker became a fun way to pass the time and possibly earn some fast cash if Lady Luck was feeling generous. Lets explore some of the things that AI is changing in terms of online gambling addiction.

Gambling Responsibly

This is one of the things that air has brought to gamblers. A lot of gamblers online. There are a lot of gambling regulations that have been put in place. Especially the ones that deal with the transactions that are done at online casinos.AI  has provided online casinos with the systems that can analyse the player’s behavior and prevent baby gambling addiction before it becomes a bigger issue to them.

Extracting match statistics As A Way To Prevent Online Gambling Addiction

This is something that artificial intelligence has brought to online gambling. As a way to curb gambling addiction, AI gets information’s of every match to see the gambling pattern of each player. With such a collection, of data casinos can know which game is most played and why. It’s also a way to know why players no longer play other games. With such information, air helps in the sense that if it suspects a problematic behaviour of a player it can block that player.

A Suggestion of Preventative Measure

The latest technology in AI has gone to such anent that it can help payers with this. Open it has analysed the player’s data and how they play the gap, as it can tell if he or she will be addicted. As soon as possible it then tells them of the ways that they can use to avoid this.

Studying The Type Of Games that Most Players Play

This is also another way in which air is helping prevent or reduce gambling addictions. This is especially on online casinos where online gamblers play without any supervision.

The Banning Of Gambling Ads

Since the coming in of the covid -19 pandemic online casinos have seen an increase in the number of players they receive daily. There is need to ban all advertising of gambling activities on social media and televisions well as radio platforms.

Setting Deposit Limits To Prevent Online Gambling Addiction

As another way to prevent gambling addiction AI has come to the rescue by setting depositing limits. A gambler  playing at online casinos is notified through their emails when he or she a depositing limit. Setting a gambling limit is another way of air to regulate customer behaviour and prevent them from falling into the trap of addiction.


research shows that lately AI has proven to be quite useful in online casinos. It does bent only help with prevent gambling addiction but also with the revenues of the casinos. All of the ways to prevent online gambling addiction by air seem to mainly center on the data collections of the player.