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Idaho Casinos USA Complete Guide

Casinos in Idaho State USA
Casinos Idaho State

Idaho casinos have always been offering real money gamblers the best gambling experience. The US state is very popular when it comes to great land-based casinos. But even though land-based casinos in Idaho are very popular. Online casino gambling is an open form of betting available in the state.

Real money gamblers can still sign up at the nearest online casinos and most of them are available in Nevada. This is the home of some great poker games, there is the World Series of Poker that players can enjoy via the website or the mobile downloadable app.

Most casino players have a chance of signing up at Legal online casino whilst they are in Idaho. This simply means that players have the chance of winning exciting casino bonuses.

The Best Casinos to Enjoy | USA

Kahuna Casino


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Red Dog Casino


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Mobile Casino

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Over 200 Games


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200 Free Spins

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Welcome Bonus

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200+ Games

Land Based Casinos in Idaho

Land-based casinos are not what most players fancy these days. Rather, most of them opt for online gambling. This is simply because online gambling has a lot to offer as players can gamble at the comfort of their homes. At the same time, they are also able to play mobile casino games for real money.

Nevertheless, online casinos in Idaho can be offering the best services. But land-based gambling in the state plays a good part in cementing the importance of gambling in Idaho state. There are a lot of land-based casinos that offer beyond real money gambling.

Rather players can enjoy some world-class accommodation and expensive alcohol. On that note, here are some of the land-based casinos you can find in the state:

  1.  Bannock Peak casino
  2.  Clearwater River Casino and Lodge
  3.  Fort Hall Casino
  4.  Les Bois Park Racing
  5.  Sage Hill Travel Centre & Casino

Types of Casinos in Idaho

Indian Casino in Idaho

First and foremost, you need to keep in mind that all of the casinos in Idaho are associated with the Indian Tribes. As of now, there is numerous Idaho Indian casino that offers players electronic pull-tab machines along with some interesting video games.

The gaming machine does not payout in cash. Instead, they will offer you a receipt that must then be cashed by a floor attendant.

In addition, some of the casinos that you will find in Idaho will offer exciting games that include; bingo, poker and off-track betting. Nevertheless, there absolutely no Indian casinos in Idaho state that will offer you live table games, electronic versions of real money table games such as blackjack, craps, roulette as well as baccarat.

Are gambling Options Available in Idaho?

Most of the casinos in Idaho are in remote areas, this means there are no casinos in Boise, Idaho as well as Idaho Falls. Nevertheless, there are approximately three Idaho casinos that are located within 60-mile drive south of the major city.

Adding to that, four of the casinos that are in Idaho also offer top-notch accommodation in hotel and lodging whilst the other three casinos offer casino gaming only.

The other largest casino in Idaho is the Fort Hall Casino. This casino located in the south-east corner of the state, and this is about 50 miles south of the Idaho Falls. The casino encompasses 156 room hotel, four top-class restaurants along with an exciting casino that carries 900 video games.

Gambling Laws in Idaho State

With all the exciting gambling facilities that are available in Idaho state, it is a must that you are in the know of the state’s gambling laws. You should know what the state requires when It comes to gambling.

Nevertheless, the minimum gambling age at all Idaho casinos is 18, excluding Clearwater Casino whereby the gambling age is 21, and all of the gambling arenas in the state are in operation for 24 hours.


Most of the gambling spaces that are available in Idaho state offer some good bonuses and promotions. And if you are a new player at an online casino there is a real chance that you will have 15 No deposit bonus codes. And when you start playing there is no credit card needed.

All you need to do is to sign up and surely you will be ready to play. Real money table games are also available at the most land-based casino along with some masterclass accommodation that will permit you to gamble throughout.

Above all, you simply need to look for the best casino of your choice in Idaho, and by so doing you are surely mapping your way towards great success in real money gambling.

Idaho Casinos FAQs

Is gambling legal in Idaho?
Live horse racing, Live-state dog racing along with pari-mutuel betting are allowed. But are casinos allowed? Casinos are legal and players can place their bets on games such as blackjack, craps, roulette and keno.
Does Idaho state have any casino?
There are three Idaho casinos that are available within 60-mile south of the main city. However, four of the other casinos offer hotel and resort for players.
How many casinos are available in Idaho state?
Idaho carries 13 casinos whereby players will discover more than 3,806 slots along with gaming machines.
Are slot machines casinos legal in Idaho?
It is legal to own slot machines privately only if the machine was manufactured before 1950.
What the USA state has the most casinos?
Nevada is the US state that consists of many casinos for real money gamblers.