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New Online Casino Technologies to Look Out For

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What new technologies are coming out that will revolutionize online gambling? Gambling has been around since ancient times and even today there are casinos all across the globe. However, these days there are also numerous other forms of online gambling that range from simple betting sites to poker rooms and sports betting websites. Here are new online casino technologies that will change online casino technology forever!

In this blog post, we are going to show you five different types of online casino technology that are set to shake things up.

Top New Online Casino Technologies

Each one is a little different but they have in common their ability to offer you the chance to play wherever, whenever you want – regardless of where your computer is located. In many cases it’s faster than playing on land-based casinos too so what could be better than that?! These 5 features are:

1) Live Chat Games

Live chat games allow players to communicate with each other while simultaneously gaming. This can really add an extra dimension to the experience as you’ll get to know people with who you’re chatting just through the medium of gaming. The best thing about live chat games is that you don’t need to leave the site to have a conversation or keep in touch with someone.

You can do both at the same time and no matter how busy you are you won’t miss anything important because you’re always connected. It creates an element of community among users which makes them feel part of the action. A few of the most popular live chat games include Casino Hold’em, Blackjack Online, and Keno.

2) Mobile Apps

As smartphones and tablets become more prevalent mobile apps have started to gain popularity. They offer great flexibility for those who want to gamble anywhere anytime. From now on you’ll be able to access your favorite casino game on the go whether you have an internet connection or not. As well as being totally dependable these apps are extremely efficient.

Some people complain about some software appearing slow or clunky when played on a tablet but once you’ve used an app version of any game you’ll understand why that doesn’t happen anymore. Apps will also allow you to use your phone as a wallet, making you much less likely to lose cash due to forgetting your debit card or PIN. Many of the top software developers such as NetEnt produce versions of their products that work perfectly fine on mobile devices.

3) Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is something that was first seen in science fiction movies but is becoming increasingly easy to develop. VR allows you to immerse yourself in a completely immersive environment. For example, imagine playing blackjack whilst standing on the edge of a volcano. With the right headset fitted you’d be completely immersed in virtual reality.

Unfortunately, VR isn’t available yet and even if it were the cost would likely prohibit most people from using it. That said, the latest advancements in VR technology mean it may indeed be possible to create a fully functional version that people will actually choose to enjoy instead of watching on TV. If it does materialize we can expect to see virtual reality slot machines and roulette tables very soon.

4) Social Gaming

There simply wouldn’t be online gambling without social gaming. Although initially designed as a way of connecting friends, social gaming quickly became popular amongst gamblers. Initially, these games worked like traditional internet roleplaying games, however over time they evolved into social casino games.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to these games but typically a ‘game’ involves two or more players taking turns to win points by completing tasks. These games are incredibly popular amongst millennials thanks to the fact that they’re usually free to play.

5) Multi-Player Games

Multi-player gaming has been around since the dawn of time. However, in recent years multi-play has grown rapidly in popularity. Multiplayer slots are a type of game where up to four players take part in one game. It’s a fantastic way to increase the odds of winning as it means you have greater chances of matching combinations. Furthermore, if you get stuck there is often another player waiting around to help. Just make sure you’re careful not to fall victim to fraudsters!


The new year is upon us which means that 2022 promises to bring hope, joy, and plenty of fun. Whether you’re a gambler or not, this year has already proven itself interesting, to say the least, with several major events, including the coronavirus pandemic spreading across the globe, and record highs set for cryptocurrency prices. Listed above are some of the top trends that you can expect in the online gambling industry.