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New US Restaurants to Visit Before You Die

New US Restaurants to Visit Before You DieWhat’s the most unique restaurant experience you’ve had? Maybe a delicious meal at a hipster oasis or some fancy cuisine from the new age chefs? Or maybe you visited a place where the food was cooked using psychedelic mushrooms… well, you get the idea.

The possibilities are endless. There are now over 15,000 restaurants across the country. And although they range from five-star dining rooms to hole-in-the-wall eateries, almost every type of cuisine is represented. So where should you go next time you want to try something new?

Well, we’ve got the list of restaurants to visit right here for you.

Restaurants to visit in the U.S.

  1. LUCKY DOLLAR — New York City

    Lucky Dollar serves up comfort food with a modern twist. This upscale diner offers dishes that include mac and cheese, pork belly sliders, and gingersnap waffles topped with caramelized bananas. When it comes to drinks, the Lucky Dollar offers an extensive selection of craft beers like Guinness and Stella Artois on draft. As if this wasn’t enough, there’s also live jazz music played throughout the day.

  2. THE PELICAN — San Francisco

    Located inside the Hotel Del Coronado, the Pelican features an open kitchen and a menu made entirely of sustainable seafood. Each dish offers only one ingredient and all are set up to be simple. They range all from their famous crab cakes to their house-made ice cream that cones in handmade molds. If you’re looking for a romantic date night out, a post casino gambling dinner date,  or just an amazing place to enjoy California’s beautiful weather, this hotel restaurant is the perfect choice.

  3. BOHEMIAN BITES – Atlanta

    This sweet little bakery and cafe specializes in creating artisanal treats like pumpkin scones and chocolate chip cookies, but what makes them truly stand out is their incredible cheesecake. It features vanilla bean cake with a warm blend of fresh strawberries and blackberries and is topped with a light strawberry buttercream.

  4. BEAK & ROWDY SEAFOOD — Portland, OR

    Beak & Rowdy is known for serving their signature deep fried mussels appetizer as much as their wild game entrees such as elk loin, duck breast, or even bison rib eye steak. But before you visit, make sure you dress appropriately because no matter how hard you try, there will be zero chance of being able to wear your favorite pair of jeans. Instead, you’ll have to settle for wearing a long sleeved shirt, button down, nice pants… you know the drill.


If you’re thinking about restaurants to visit in the US, then these new restaurants could definitely help spice things up for you! Of course, this list by no means covers all the best restaurants out there and we encourage you to share your favorites any way you can.


Where can I find a vegetarian/vegan option?
There may be a limit to vegan options so do check first. However, there are plenty of non-animal meatless options available.
What does “organic” mean?
Organic ingredients grow till harvest time without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or GMOs. They must meet strict standards established by USDA regulations and approved by independent certifying agents including the Non-GMO Project.
How soon after reserving will my credit card receive charges?
Normally, reservations will not automatically receive any charges until 24 hours prior to the set appointment time and you can cancel within 48 hours of reservation without charge.