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Responsible Gambling Online in Australia

Online casino responsible gambling is something Australian players must strive to achieve. Winning real money is not all about having the knowledge of playing the game. But it also encompasses having the right mindset and discipline as well as the ability to manage your bankroll properly.

Before you play any online casino game for real money. You need to have a proper bankroll that will guide you through the whole aspect of being a responsible gambler. Responsible gambling is vehemently supported by Australian online casino. And here at Top 10 Online Casino, we are there to guide you on the best ways of making you have the best online casino gambling experience.

We need to advise you that gambling practice without enough responsibility can result in financial, social as well as health-related problems. At the same time don’t get involved in online gambling if you are under the age of 18.

Online Gambling Under 18 Policy

As mentioned above, online gambling under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited and there are certain policies players should follow.

  • Online gambling for under 18 in Australia is strictly prohibited.
  • Gambling online involves a lot of risks and it must be carefully monitored.
  • The best way to an amazing gambling experience is to play responsibly.

How to Effectively Recognize a Gambling Problem

It is very true that you might not be able to recognize online gambling addiction. There are quite a number of gambler out there and chronic gamblers tend to live normal lives but under the skin, there are a heap of problems at hand.

In the long run, these will create a lot of problems and the signs of gambling addiction will reveal themselves. But then sometime you might be ignorant to spot these problems. Here at Top 10 Online Casino, we are going to highlight some of the things to take note if you are suspecting that you or your pal have a gambling problem.

  1. A Serious Obsession with Gambling

    You might be wondering what really a gambling problem is if you are someone who just visits the online casino and place your bet. Well, there is more about online gambling problem and one of the problems is the obsession that comes with it.

    There are quite a number of gambling addicts who are so obsessed with wagering. And they reach a point of not caring about anything but spending time placing bets and analysing them. One of the things to avoid as a gambler is committing a crime so that you will be able to satisfy your gambling obsession.

  2. Financial Problems

    We always urge our readers and the players to exercise responsible gambling by having a bankroll every time they visit an online casino. Having a bankroll is one of the starting points for online casino responsible gambling. In most cases, if you fail to have a bankroll and stick to it that’s when you will create an obsession and start chasing your losses. Thereafter, you are bound to suffer from hefty financial problems.

    You will automatically become a compulsive gambler that will always depend on other people to provide you with real money and play online.

How Can Player Protect Themselves?

There are numerous ways online casinos, as well as online casino guides such as 10 Top Online Casino, can help online gamblers. On the other hand, online gamblers have the ability to become responsible gamblers. Online casino responsible gambling doesn’t need you to do a lot of things. But unless you are not aware of what to do, let’s help you on how best you can protect yourself from becoming an addict.

1.Cooling-Off Periods

The beauty part of gambling online is that if you are suspecting you might be having a gambling problem you can contact the online casino.  There are quite a number of online casinos that offer their regular players some amazing features that in line with online casino responsible gambling these include;

  • The 24-hour cool-off period. This is whereby all the accounts are locked upon your request for 24 hours. In the event that you feel like playing again. The player will have to contact the online casino and unlock the account)
  • There is also the 7-day cool-off period. The account will not be available for any online gambling activity for 7 days and when the 7 days are up and you feel like not extending the period and go back to playing again you simply need to contact the casino and they will open your account.

2.Deposit Limit

Self-service is what most online casinos have managed to offer players. On that note, online casino players are able to monitor their gambling routines online. They do this by setting deposit limits which will help control the amount of money they spend any time.

What you can only do is getting in touch with the online casino contact centre and they will implement the limit with 24 hours. Some of the deposit limit option that might be available depending with the casino include;

  • Daily deposit limits
  • Weekly deposit limits
  • Monthly deposit limits

3.Locking of Accounts for a Predetermined Timeframe

On this one, the player can sincerely ask the online casino on how long they want their account to be locked. The casino will do upon the player’s request and the account will remain locked until that period passed.

Above all, you should not see gambling as a way of making money. Rather just gamble for the sake of gambling. Once you see gambling as a way of making money you will then start chasing your losses. By so doing you start violating your bankroll which is not the right way to online casino responsible gambling.

Real money players should always stick to their bankroll. In the event that they exhaust their balance, all they need to do is to walk away. Or they can just play online casino games available for free play just for fun.