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Get to Know Online Sic Bo Basic Rules

Sic Bo Basic Rules

Online Sic Bo Basic Rules

Online Sic Bo basic rules are very simple and straight forward game. This three dice online casino game is there to make online gamblers millionaires. But you can’t scoop the big prize if you are not aware of Sic Bo rules of the game.

The rules are the ones that will propel you use your mojo effectively. And without them, you will definitely hit the hall. That’s why here at Top 10 Online Casino we are buoyed to make sure you get all the required information before you place your bets/bet at your favourite online casino in the United States of America.

For you to enjoy Sic Bo you have to be very familiar with the rules. And we going to hit it straight off the bat and give you all the knowledge you require.

Online Sic Bo Basic Rules: Bet Types and Pay-outs

Even though this game is one of the easiest online table games to play in the USA. The types of bets and the number of bets one can make will come to nothing if you don’t understand the rules and the real concept of the game.

However, the player is allowed to bet as many combinations as he or she wants per every single game. As we have mentioned before, the game is played with three dice with numbers 1 to 6. Before each roll players are required to place their bets. From this moment going the dealings begins.

However, each sector must correspond with a particular bet. And we are going to explain that in more details below.

Understanding Online Sic Bo Basic Rules

  1. One Number

    The only way that this bet wins is when the number chosen by the player is rolled on any of the dice.  Six possible bets are available that range from 1 to 6. And it pays out 1:1. However, if two of the dice carries the selected number, this bet will pay out 2:1. The real opportunity comes when all the three dice roll the chosen number. A heart-warming pay out of 16:1 will be lined up for you. But you really need your luck and your A-game to scoop this one.

  2. Domino

    This bet only wins if any of the two dice carries the numbers selected by the player. Therefore these numbers must be different, so there are 15 possible bets which are: 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5, 1-6, 2-3, 2-4, 2-5, 2-6, 3-4, 3-5, 3-6, 4-5, 4-6, 5-6. This pays out 6:1.

  3. Any Triple

    This bet will win if all of the three dice roll any of the six triples. This bet pays 34:1

  4. Big,Small

    Most online casino players want to win big in online gambling. But big payouts require big bets. However, the Big bet on Sic Bo wins if the sum of the points on the three dice is from 11 to 17. The Small bet, however, wins only if the sum is from 4 to 10 and the payout is 1:1. Take note of this; if any triples are rolled both bets lose.

  5. Specific Double

    Winning big at Sic Bo players need to place bets that are worth real money. Nevertheless, the Specific Double bet wins when the doubles selected by the player are rolled on the table. There are six possible bets and the payout is 11:1. However, if the third die carries the same number then the bets pay 31:1

  6. Specific Triple

    This amazing bet is loved by many online Sic Bo players. The bet will only win when the triple selected by the gambler is rolled. This bet carries six possible bets and they carry an amazing payout of 208:1.

  7. Total

    In online Sic Bo, this bet wins if the total sum of all the three dice is equal to the number chosen by the player. In this one there are 14 possible bets. And they range from 4 to 17.

    We hope the above bets and tips on how to play this amazing table game of Sic Bo will be worthwhile when you play at your favourite online casino in America. Make sure you place your bets where you know there are chance of you winning big money. Happy Gambling!