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Tom Brady the Greatest Quarterback in History – GOAT

Tom Brady The Goat

Tom Brady The Goat

As much as Tom Brady has become the talk of the town with his record-breaking performances, can we conclude that he is the GOAT? Looking at all the perspectives and the statistics Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

The reason why Brady is catching the limelight in the NLF is that he has been very prolific. Playing as a Quarterback is not a piece of cake; it is one of the most difficult positions in American Football. This position, require top-class leadership, intelligence as well as emotional maturity.

The position needs someone who is aware of the surroundings, a player who is streetwise to know how to give credit and take responsibility. Being a quarterback requires a lot of ambition and the love for the game. Much strength and accuracy are essential when you are playing on this position.

With this being said about how to be a quarterback, Brady is a player who knew how to play this position very well.

Where Tom Brady found his Greatness

With the headlines all over the media, Tom Brady got all the limelight, and he has been doing it better than anyone else has. The 43-year-old did not found his greatness in drinking too many milkshakes or eating pineapples. Rather, it’s all hard work and determination. In Tampa, he got involved in six rushing yards in 15 games and he remains unbeatable when it comes to high-pressure tussle.

Scooping three MVPs along the way in his career so far, it’s clear that he remains unbeatable and there is no one who is ready to compare to Brady. He is always ready to face any challenge.

After Sunday’s victory, Arians mentioned that Brady taught a young, talented team how to win. He also taught them how to work.


To reach the apex of the quarterback profession, you have to commit your life to football, embracing the huge constraints of the job.

You have to be fond of the grind, the work, the pressure. You have the chance to carry the hopes and dreams of your city on your shoulders like a privilege. You don’t dare complain or ask anyone to lighten the load.

Anything less than that, it’s a clear indication that you don’t want it real bad like how Tom Brady does. The NFL player has been exceptional at the same time contributing massively for his team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


In simpler terms, Brady has a net worth of $200 million.
The richest QB in the game of NFL is Eli Manning who has a net worth of $252.3 million.
Roger Staubach owns a real estate company; he went on and sold it for more than $600 million in 2008. He is believed to be the wealthiest current as well as the former NLF player of all time.

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