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Online Video Poker Complete Guide

Online video poker is a fancy version of an online slot that has been combined with Poker. It carries a little bit of slots qualities but it requires a lot of skill and more interaction to it. The good thing is that anyone can get involved and play this amazing game. The only thing you need is to make sure you familiarise yourself with the simple and basic poker hands and you will be good to be on a roll.

Online Video Poker

Online Video Poker

An Insight about Video Poker

Video Poker has been around for so many years. You might be thinking it came about in the modern age. But the truth is that online video poker has been around for more than four decades. The game was introduced in Las Vegas in the ’70s to be used as an alternative to slot games. This idea came about to satisfy millions of gamblers that were in need of a slot game with simple gameplay.

Facts about Video Poker

  1. Video Poker is a five-card draw poker game
  2. The casino game is mostly played on electronic gaming machines which are similar to slot at land-based casinos.
  3. There are numerous variant of this online casino game, but the most played and popular is the Jacks or Better
  4. One thing to note, if you play optimal video poker strategy you are likely to make a handsome profit. So it is wise to bet for real money today.

Online Video Poker Basic Rules and Strategy

Video Poker is a combination of poker and slot games and it is played on electronic screens. But instead of coming across amazing simple reels and pay lines. The game encompasses of poker hands to play. This means before you play for real money, you need to know and understand various poker hands to include in your gameplay. The poker hands will help you to know which card to keep and which one to discard.

This amazing game is just so perfect and enjoyable and it can also accommodate beginners. If you are a newbie on this game then be ready to be a seasoned pro gambler as soon as you understand the game strategy. Keep in mind that 5 cards are dealt with the player on the table. From that moment you can decide which card you want to keep and the one you want to discard.

If you have made your decision, cards will be dealt to replace the ones that you have discarded. Thereafter, the payouts will be calculated in line with the quality of hand that you have.

Nevertheless, if you want to know and understand more of the rules it’s right here on our how to play Video Poker article.

Types of Video Poker

Just like other traditional poker game, there are a plethora of different types of video poker that online casino players can play and win real money. These different types of video poker game come with different rules as well as hand values.

Therefore it is important to know the rules and hand values as they are poised to affect your winnings. These poker variations come with attractive progressive jackpots and the amount of money depend on the casino and the game you are involved with. You might walk away with a million-dollar jackpot.

Above all, if you have the lingo about poker it is good for you to choose the best variation that is good for you. The online Poker variations you can experience include:

  1. Jacks or Better Video Poker

    Jacks or Better is one of the popular and most played amongst casino players. If you are not familiar with video poker you should then find time to play this one before you place your bets to other variations. This is by far the best video poker variation and the one that you can easily grasp. If you are interested in this amazing game you can continue reading and learning more about it here.

  2. Aces and Faces Video Poker

    Do get it twisted on this one, Aces and Faces Video Poker is a variation of Jacks or Better. One might think they are the same but to clear the air they are actually slightly different. The difference is that there is a high payout for four of a kind outcomes that have aces and faces. It is a standard 52 deck card game just like in Jacks and Better. However, if you feel like this is the game you feel like you want to bet for real money. Be rest assured that you are in for an amazing gaming experience.

  3. Deuces Wild

    Online video poker carries a lot of fun and excitement. And if you are looking for that kind of experience it is wise to place your bets on this one. This game becomes very easy for most players when the deuces become a wild card. In this 52-card game, any card can create a winning combination or a winning hand. One thing to take note is that the payouts are not that great but if you feel like you want to be entertained with Deuces Wild get more complete information and win amazingly.

  4. Joker Poker

    For online gamblers who like to use wild cards when gambling Joker Poker will offer you the best experience. This game uses 53 cards including the Joker. However, in this variation, the Joker is the wild card. Discover more by visiting the Joker Poker page and win real money in real-time at your best online casino.

  5. Tens or Better

    Despite the fact that this is one of the easiest poker variations it also comes with a lot of winning possibilities for online players to win real money. This variation is very closely related to Jacks or Better. But the difference is that in this one, you only need tens and better to walk away with the prize money.

    Make sure you place your bets and play your favourite game of poker for real money at your best online casino today!

  6. 3-Card Poker 

    Web 3-Card Poker is a skill-based online casino game and you have to bring your A-game to win real money on this one. If you master the concept of the game then this could become your favourite online table game.