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How to Play Online Roulette – Simple Guide

Online Roulette table
Online Roulette gameplay

Much loved by many online casino gamblers across the globe. Online Roulette is one of the games of chance where you will need a bit of luck to win real money. The roulette wheel is the one that will determine your fate and it is basically a spinning disk that contains a number of divisions around its edge.

However, the luck part is very important when you are playing roulette and it is a very big deal. This is because once the ball has been spun around the bowl, the truth of the matter is that no any form of strategy or online roulette rules can have the control over the ball so that it can land in a certain pocket.

Indeed online gamblers have control over the game. But the only thing they can control is to decide where they want to place their betting chips. This can be simply done laying down your chips on the numbers, colours even sections where you think you will get the best winning chance.

Online Roulette Gameplay

If you are one of the players that fancy online roulette you have to consider yourself very lucky. The game is available in most online casinos, in fact in all online casino. This game is iconic and you can expect to see it in all reputable and well-decorated online casino.

However, when you are at the roulette table you are provided with a layout with numbers 1 up to 36 plus a 0 pocket in European roulette. As said before if you opt to play American roulette your wheel will consist of a double zero pocket along with a standard single zero.

The main objective of the game is to predict where the ball will end up on the next spin of the wheel. Players can, therefore, place their bets on red or black, single number or group of numbers. Above all, a simple rule you should grasp is to make sure you understand how to play roulette and also understand how the odds work. If you master the said concepts then you are in for a smooth sailing gaming experience.

Roulette House Edge

One thing online gamblers must always remember is that the odds the casino pays out are mostly less than the winning odds. Therefore the difference is known as the house edge. A house edge gives the online casino a winning edge making sure that the house always wins on a regular basis.

Let’s demonstrate how the house edge is calculated in simpler terms. Let’s take for instance red or black bet on a European table. One of the most misconceptions is that players have a 50% chance of winning this bet because there are two outcomes.

Nevertheless, the zero that is on the table simply means there are three possible outcomes which are red, black or green. In addition, the presence of the extra pocket reduces the odds when the number of possible outcome increases.