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Introduction to Real Money Online Roulette Guide

There are a handful of online casino games that are more reputable and recognized than the famous Roulette. The iconic spinning wheel of

Online Roulette USA
Roulette USA

luck has been around for so many years and it has now advanced in the online gambling landscape. With online roulette, you are surely bound to an amazing gambling experience at any reputable online casino on the globe. And it’s not all about an amazing gaming extravaganza but your pocket will be in for a real treat too with a lot of cash.

We know by now you are eager to give this game a shot and place your betting chips. But before you do that make sure you read and understand our comprehensive roulette guide. From there you can head to the best USA casino of your choice.

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Priceless Tips to Help You Find the Best Roulette Casino Online

Go Through the Casino Selection of  Roulette before Signing Up

Except for signing up to your favourite casino and deposit your money using one of the casino’s payment methods. There is a real need for a gambler to have a quick look at the online casino’s collection of roulette games.

Gone are the days when roulette was only limited to European Roulette and American Roulette. Times have changed and technology and new ideas have given birth to a plethora of other roulette variations. Another good thing is that you can search for the best online casino that will enable you to play free roulette.

You can play free online roulette if you want to enhance your chances of winning real money as well as familiarising yourself roulette before you start wagering for high stakes gambling.  What you are supposed to do when you want to play roulette online is to pick your poison and place your bets. Adding to that, if you feel like you are not ready to play for real money you can take some time practising on free games.

By so doing you will not risk losing your real money, therefore, take your time until you are ready.

  1. Be On the Lookout for the Best  Bonuses

    Online casino bonuses are always available for you to make real money. Therefore, if you are going to play roulette be on the lookout for these bonuses. Don’t worry about your bankroll because the bonuses that come with this internet table game will eventually win you a huge sum of money.

  2. Choose a Legit and Secure Roulette Site

    Fairness and security is something that you should not overlook when you are looking for the best casino to play roulette. Before you sign up and placing your deposit make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions of the site.

    This will make you see if they are favourable to you. Some of the things to take note is to see if the casino carries a legit license and they don’t have any scam allegations. If you are not sure which casino to play roulette. You can have a look at some of the casinos we have listed on this site.

  3. Look for A Site Where You Can Play Cross-Compatible Games

    Since we have mentioned quite a number of things you should consider before choosing a casino. Make sure the site is cross-compatible. This will help you especially if you want to play on the go via mobile. Moreover, some online casino even offers the game via a downloadable app and others offers it via a mobile browser.

Understanding the Difference between American and European Roulette

Even though online gamblers experience many roulette variants that have been well crafted and become a real deal on the internet realms. One thing you should know is that American and European Roulette are the most popular.

However, before you place your bets on either of them it is very important for real money gamblers to know the difference between the two in terms of the rules, strategy as well as the house edge. Here at we have managed to explore both variations and we are now in a position to distinguish the two.

Take a look below to discover all about each of the variation.

  1. American Roulette

    The American roulette version has experienced a lot of transformation in recent years. This amazing wheel that comprises of 36 numbers slots and two green slots for 0 and 00. During the 19th century, the popular roulette during that time encompasses the numbers 1 to 28 plus 0, 00.

    This version of roulette paid 27 times the bet on a single number and the house edge was huge. During those days, it was very difficult but with all the advancement and enhancement of technology, playing roulette have improved the odds and players can now win real money depending on the casino you have chosen.

    Therefore, we urge you to play roulette. And you might be the one to walk away with real money at the end of the day.

  2. European Roulette

    European roulette takes its origins from France and Germany. This internet roulette variant has been available for a long time more than American roulette. However, what really makes gamblers to play this game at the casino is the inserted single zero.

    The green zero on this roulette table represents the house edge which is approximately 2.70% in European Roulette.

Roulette Rules

Play roulette at any reputable and recommended online casino in the USA and have smooth-sailing gambling experience. The roulette wheel in both American and European Roulette encompass of red and black colours with a single green pocket with a number zero.

The number zero is also available in the European roulette wheel with American roulette having both the green zero pocket and the double zero pocket which is also green in colour. The rules on roulette are very simple and straightforward and online gamblers who want to bet for real money on this amazing table game have nothing to worry about.

What they should be worried about is to make sure they have an adequate bankroll for them to play and win more. Moreover, online casino players must also be in a position to understand some of the online roulette terms for them to experience smooth-sailing gameplay.

Roulette Strategy for Real Money

This wonderful game of chance has been available for so many years and many players have ventured to crack the roulette code. For some, it has been a piece of cake not because they know the code of the game because there is no code. The only thing that can win casino players’ real money is having the right strategy towards the game.

And the only way you can come up with the perfect way to beat the house is by perusing through and understand the internet roulette strategy page that is available to you. However, you have to keep in mind that not only strategies can make you the winner.

But you can only keep shining bright if you have a bit of luck. This is because internet roulette is genuinely a game of chance, therefore, some bit of luck is another factor that matters. Above all, knowing the strategy of this amazing game will be very worthwhile.

Roulette Betting System

As much as this game of chance carries amazing strategies as mentioned above. But if you are a roulette enthusiast you should have come across the grapevine that using Roulette Betting Systems can surely enhance your gameplay.

However, the sad reality about this game is that even though you use the roulette betting system as part of your winning strategy rest assured that it does not necessarily mean you will have an edge over the house.

Even if you try to use the well-known Martingale system, the Labouchere System and Reverse Paroli the truth is it will be difficult to surpass the house edge

Online Roulette Betting System for real money players

However, our suggestion towards Roulette betting systems is to make sure you stick to positive betting systems these include the Reverse D’Alembert System, Paroli, Reverse Labouchere, and many others.

When you use any of the said betting systems there is no need for you to increase your bet every time you lose, only just when you win.

Roulette Variants

In the past years, the online casino has revolved to an extent that it has propelled heavy competition amongst online casino software companies to provide more online casino game variants. For that reason, that’s why nowadays online players can easily find a plethora of variants.

  1. French Roulette

    This variant is mostly available or associated with Monte Carlo casinos where you will find gamblers crowding the roulette table. This game was originated in France and its popularity came after the French revolution. The rules of the game are the same as European Roulette and it carries a few differences in its rules.

  2. Mini Roulette

    If you are much interested in Mini Roulette you can find it at many Playtech Casinos. This table game is based on fewer numbers and it consists of a smaller wheel compared to the average European and American Roulette.

    This game only consists of 13 numbers on its wheel (0-12) and it has a house edge of around 7.69%. The rules of the game are more or less the same rules of European Roulette.

  3. Multi-Ball Roulette

    You might be tired of playing Roulette in the classic form. Well, a Multi-ball roulette can come to your rescue. This variant provides you something new to the game. The name of the game tells it all that it involves more than one ball.

    Other versions of this game involve 3, 4 or even 10 balls. The game has one zero pockets and that means the house edge is approximately 2.7%.

  4. Multi-Wheel Roulette

    The home for this online roulette is the Playtech and Microgaming Casinos available on the internet. As the name of the table game suggests, this version of roulette uses more than one wheel. However, if you are familiar with the roulette game you will surely notice that this game is easy to play.

    The main aim of the game is to make sure you make the right prediction on where the ball is going to land on the provided roulette wheels.

  5. Roulette PRO

    This variant is developed by NetEnt as an alternative to the classic version of Roulette. The wheel is very similar to American Roulette that carries two zero pockets highlighted 0 and 00. The slight difference is that Roulette Pro has some added functionality to enhance the gameplay for real money players.

  6. 3D Roulette

    3D Roulette has been developed by Playtech. However, this amazing table game is not much of a difference from other European Roulette games. The only zero is still there and the rules are actually the same. The only difference now is that the game encompasses 3D, therefore, the graphics are much better.

  7. Roulette Royale

    This a progressive roulette game that allows online gamblers to walk away with real money. The game offers you an opportunity to win large payouts than any other roulette variation. The wheel is the same as the one of American Roulette and the gameplay is also similar.

    Adding to this, the house edge is remarkable and it usually stands at 7.9%.

  8. Pinball Roulette

    Pinball roulette is actually an exciting variant of roulette. The table of this game is similar to the one of the European roulette versions. One thing that might amaze you is that the game does not have the internet roulette wheel.

    Therefore, the winning number is selected using the arcade classic Pinball machine. Play this amazing game at the available Playtech casinos available on the web.

Finding The Best Bet that Suits Your Roulette Gameplay

Playing online roulette, you will have a great chance to explore many ways of placing your bets to win real money. Mostly, online gamblers have absolutely no influence over where the ball will definitely land after every spin. Therefore, this means that your success or your failure merely depends on your lucky charm alone.

Unlike other online casino table games such as Video Poker, blackjack or baccarat, whereby you need to apply certain skills and strategies to win. There are quite a number of web roulette variations. However, at this moment in time let us look at the two types of bets you can make when playing this classic game of online roulette.

  1. Inside Bet

    In roulette, an inside bet is whereby you place your bet on one or more numbers available inside the online roulette grid. The numbers consist of even numbers and odd numbers from zero (and there is an additional 00 slot when you are playing American roulette) to 36.

  2. Outside Bet

    The outside bet can be made by placing your bet on options that are available outside the numbered grid. Outside bet in online roulette offers you blanket bets that will also increase your chances of winning on each spin you make.

    The game of roulette will allow you to choose to place your bets on a grouping of numbers, for example, the first 12, second 12 or even the third 12. Or you can also place your bets on 1-18 or 19-36. In addition, you can also opt to place your bet on an all red or all black number outcome.

    Moreover, making multiple outside bets will also increase your chances of winning. You will have the chance to win at least part of your total overall bet. For instance, if you place your bets on all odd numbers and all the black numbers. Then the ball end up landing on black 10, you will automatically lose the odds portion of your bet, but you will win the black portion.

    Nevertheless, if the ball lands on black 13 you will actually win both parts of the bet for a payoff on each wager.

    When it comes to online roulette, there are no limitations when it comes to how many bets you can make. Apart from that, if you are playing free then there is no reason for you to worry about making, at the same time losing multiple stakes. At the same time, it is not real money rather you just playing for fun!

Finding the Best Free Online Roulette for You

The best way to start playing online roulette is to play free games. Free play is good for every player. It does not matter you are a regular player at an online casino. For you to take part in real money roulette gambling free is actually a good starting point in your quest to win real money. Therefore, make sure you do not miss the opportunity to play at the best online casino in the United States of America.

Contrary to the most popular belief, we believe that playing online roulette is not about knowing the rules. Nevertheless, the whole idea is about placing your bets in such a manner, which can trigger your gambling extravaganza to be rewarding.

Therefore, you to have that experience all need to do is to make sure that you learn more about playing free online roulette. This is whereby you will understand the nitty-gritty on how best you can play this wonderful game of chance to win real money in the process.

Roulette FAQs

It’s actually a norm that online casino players in the USA always want to ask questions that are in relation to new online gambling trends. Therefore, here at Top 10 Online Casino, we strive to answer some of the frequently asked questions casino gamblers want to know.

If you are a web roulette enthusiast below are some of the questions and answers you would like to know in line with free online roulette gambling. The information is also handy if you are a new player to high stakes online casino gambling.

How Do You Play Free Roulette?
Basically, playing free roulette it simply means you are trading with fake money. There is no real money that is involved therefore, you will be placing your bets on what you think will be the winning section on the online roulette wheel. The online dealer will spin the wheel by using a small ball inside that will then stop on the winning number. First and foremost you simply click to place your bets on the available section on your screen. Thereafter, if the ball stops on your number or a range that involves the number, you instantly win.
How Do Free Online Roulette Games Work?
Even though you can play roulette online for free, the gameplay is actually there to prepare you for real money gaming. They actually work more like a real game for real money. The game software uses the random number generator that will determine where the ball is going to land each time. This is actually the best and fair method for casino players. Above all, to have this amazing experience you need the internet unless if you have a downloadable version of the free roulette app.
What Do You Win by hitting a number in Free internet roulette games?
When it comes to winning real money, you don’t win anything. However, playing free internet roulette is a good way of learning basic skills as well as familiarizing yourself with the realistic odds as well as the payouts for free before you start wagering for real money.
Is Free Roulette Rigged?
There is nothing like rigging in free roulette gameplay. Rather, the winning numbers are always available and completely random. At some point, if you keep on winning you might start to worry that the online casino is making life easy for you giving you a false sense of security. But usually, that’s not the case. The online casinos we recommend are all 100% fair to all the players. We will not compromise our reputation whatsoever. Therefore, we make sure you get the best online casino gambling experience in the United States of America today