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Online 3 Card Poker Rules for Real Money Players

Web 3 Card Poker Real Money Game Play
Web 3 Card Poker Game Play

Online 3 card poker is one of the simplest online casino table games. The online 3 Card poker rules are very easy to understand and they allow smooth sailing of the gameplay. Your guess is very much correct because you only need three cards to make a poker hand and win real money.

Simply follow 3 Card Poker rules and compete against the dealer to see who has the best hand at the end of every round. If you trade well and beat the dealer you win all your bets simple as that.

If you manage to hit a premium hand like a Flush or a Straight automatically you will be handsomely paid. Losing against the dealer then all your bets are gone. Simple, surely it is simple.

However, everything we have aforesaid can only become real when you know and understand the rules of the game. Therefore, take some time to grasp the simple rules of the game we are going to share here.

How to Place your Bets in 3 Card Poker

When gamblers login to play online 3 card poker at their favourite online casino. They usually choose between a couple of bets. At most 3 card poker you can play encompass of:

  • Bullet Ante bet
  • Bullet Play bet
  • Bullet PairPlus
  • Bullet Both Ante and PairPlus bet

Explaining the Ante, PairPlus and Play Bets in 3 Card Poker Rules

Before you have your card in your hands you must first make a decision. The decision you will make must be, you will bet

Just the Ante bet or

The Ante and the Pairplus bet

However, the Ante bet you can receive any cards. And the PairPlus is optional. In basic terms, you are simply wagering whether you think you are going to be dealt a pair or even higher in your poker hand.

Thereafter, once every player at the 3 card poker table has made their decision and place their bets. The dealer or the croupier will promptly deal 3 cards face down to everyone. After that, you can then have a look at your cards

Once you have take a look at your card you are now supposed to make another decision. You might want to carry on and match your hand up against the dealer to see which one is higher? That will be up to you. If you do then you are allowed to make a Play bet, the one which is the same with ante bet. To make it all simple for you, this is how the whole set up of the game will look like;

  1. Place your ante bet
  2. Receive your cards
  3. You can choose to fold, this means losing all your bets made already. Or you can make a Play bet so that you can match the ante.