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Live Baccarat Online Casinos USA Guide

live baccarat

live baccarat casinos

Live baccarat is mostly an online casino game that is associated with high stake gamblers in the USA. The online card game carries some very simple and straightforward rules. At a first glimpse, the game of live dealer baccarat online games surely looks and sounds like blackjack.

The main objective of this game is to make sure that the player needs to get to 9. And remember in blackjack the player needs to get to 21.

It’s actually a piece of cake when it comes to choosing the game. Real money gamblers need to make sure that they remember 3 bets and playing this game for real money against the computer isn’t all exciting.

Therefore, you should try and opt for live baccarat for an exciting gambling experience for real money in the USA.

However, the game of baccarat is actually a game of chance, therefore before you get glued to placing your side bets, and tie bets the best thing is to read this live baccarat complete guide. Playing live baccarat is a different ball game compared to RNG baccarat betting. And that simply means that you need to sign up for real money gambling with the full knowledge.

Play Live Baccarat Online Casino

The main aim of gamblers who plays casino games is to win real money. Therefore, for you to stand a chance of winning real money there is a need for you to know and understand the rules that come up at playing live dealer baccarat casinos.

The game is mostly played with 52 decks of cards. However, you play as the play and the live real casino dealer will play as the banker.

Live dealer baccarat games start when the player wager whether the banker will win or not or you can bet that it’s going to be a tie. At the start of the game, both the banker and the player will get two starting cards. The face value of the cards includes 2 to 9 that carry the same face value. Whereas the Ace is 1 and Card 10, Jack, Queen and King are worth 0.

Sometimes playing a live baccarat casino game can seem to be very intimidating. But if you are really serious about playing this game, you need to start playing for fun and free before you start looking at other betting options. This will help you to understand the game before playing for real money.

Live Baccarat vs Online Baccarat

The similarities that online baccarat and live baccarat carry is that the two will not allow you to visit the land-based casino. There is a real opportunity for you to play the casino game on your mobile device at the comfort of your own home. Imagine winning real money whilst relaxing in your home without bumping into people at a land-based casino.

On that thought, here are the clear reasons why you should prefer live baccarat over online baccarat or land-based baccarat gaming.

  1. Exciting and Free entertainment

    Comparing with the online variant, playing live baccarat will offer you a more social gambling environment. And come to think of all different personalities sitting at the live baccarat table, that would be really entertaining, right?

  2. Realtime Gaming Experience

    The casino live games are streamed in real-time offering you a full package of an online casino experience with different players faraway from each other rather.

 Baccarat Casino Variation

Playing the game of baccarat is very electrifying but don’t get too carried away. Before you take your seat at the table, keep it at the back of your mind on which variation you want t play. Knowing the baccarat variation, you want to play is very important. Here are the baccarat variations you can look forward to:

  1. Punto Banco

    This is the most standard baccarat variation available up to date. It has generated a lot of real money gamblers in the States.

  2. Chemin de Fer

    This baccara is most popular in France. Its rules are very much similar to those in Punto Banco. This live baccarat variation is very much strategic. It includes the banker taking a third card at the main aim is for the high roller to wager against the banker.

Above all, live baccarat casino games you can play in the USA include;

  • Asian Stud
  • Lucky Draw Baccarat
  • Punto 2000
  • Baccarat Gold
  • Super Pan 9

Live Dealer Baccarat Payment Options

The best online casinos are always ready to offer an exciting gambling experience for live dealer betting. The payment options such as debit and credit along with money transfer are available. They make sure that you have the easy and simple ways of making withdrawals and deposits of your funds. No one will like unnecessary hassles and delays when they want to make withdrawals.

But the good news is that the payout process will surely make everything smooth sailing. At the same time, the customer support is also available.


The good thing about playing live dealer baccarat is that players can enjoy different variations of the games on offer. The live dealer is there to provide you with the best variation depending on your location. And for real money gamblers in the USA, you simply need to play at a live casino that will offer you the baccarat variation you are looking for.

All you need to do is to sign up at a recommended live dealer casino in the USA.


The chances of a baccarat game to be rigged are very much slim compared to a land-based casino. The random number generator at online casinos is available to ensure that all the gameplay is fair.
Real money gamblers can play baccarat at any recommended online or live casino in the US.
You simply practise by playing for real money on a regular basis.Therefore, you need a lot of know-how and the only way you can do that is by playing the game on a regular basis.

The game is actually a game of chance. But having the real understanding and knowhow on how to approach the game comes in handy as well.
Yes, there is a real opportunity of winning real money whilst playing baccarat in the US.