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North Carolina Casinos Guide 2020

Casinos in North Carolina USA

Casinos in North Carolina

North Carolina casinos and its gambling space did not come into existence so easy; it wasn’t a walk in the park rather. Some real battle took place to halt any form of legalization of gambling in the state.

In 1982 the governor of the state was very much against the coming of state lottery gambling. Even though online gambling is in existence in the state, other gambling activities such as horse racing and dog racing remain outlawed in the North Carolina state.

However, during that time, the only gambling that was available in the state was the availability of tribal casinos.  The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 paved way for quite a number of states to house casinos on reserved land.

But the whole idea was that each tribe must be able to negotiate an agreement with the individual state government, as well as the standard to which every state must come to an agreement on.

Customarily, conservative states like North Carolina may perhaps severely limit the number of allowed games and at the same time being in compliance with the law. Until 2012, slot games and electronic poker were the only casino games North Carolina government would allow.

In 2012, the North Carolina government in their pursuit to secure more money for themselves so that they could expand their live dealer and other gambling games. Nevertheless, this adjustment was hastened not as a way of expanding the activities of the already existing casinos, but also as a way to construct new gambling facilities which then came to life in 2015.

North Carolina Sports Betting Options

To enhance the gambling space in the North Carolina state, sports betting has been made readily available. The governor of the state Roy Cooper signed S 154 into law on July 16 2019. This made North Carolina the seventh state to license sports betting bill.

To this very day, the bill now permits the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians to operate retail sports betting at two casinos in the Appalachian Mountains. However, in the event that Catawba Nation get their casino functioning, that is also another place where you can enjoy sports betting as well.

Online Slots Gaming

As it stands there is no legalized online gambling in North Carolina. The state remains one of the anti-gambling states in the United States of America. And this is at the legislative level, meaning that, there are no specified laws in North Carolina that can stop online gambling.

This simply means that casino players can enjoy real money online slot games anywhere within the state.

There are several games that you can enjoy for free and for real money these include:

  • Bullet Slotomania
  • Bullet Bingo Blitz
  • Bullet Caesars slots

Most of the online slots in North Carolina enable players to play for real money via the mobile app. In addition, the casinos in North Carolina enable gamblers to take advantage of casino social sites that include; Zynga and Double Down Casino.

Moreover, another site that is available in for North Carolinians is the MyVegas app. This app will surely offer you an amazing gaming experience that will win you real money in the USA.


North Carolina casinos are always available to offer gamblers the best gaming collection. From online and land-based casinos. Players will never run out of options. Rather they have options of placing their bets whilst on the go with the use of mobile casino apps that most online casinos offer in North Carolina.

A wide range of games without gaming bonuses and promotions is not enticing without bonuses and promotion. And most casinos are well-equipped when it comes to offering players the value for their money in the USA.

North Carolina FAQs

North Carolina has 6 great casinos. These casinos offer more than 4,280 slots machines. At the same time, there are a total of 170 real money table games.
Online gambling is not legal in North Carolina. Real money online casino games are not legalized in the state yet.
The casinos in the state are enough for players to place their bets and gamble for real money. This means players can play at casinos such as: Harrah casino Cherokee tribal Bingo Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River.
It is permitted to privately own slot machines in North Carolina if it is 25 years or more.
Well, the state permits bingo as well as raffles only if they are sponsored by non-profit organizations.