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How Are Women Changing Online Gambling Industry

Women in Casino

Women in Casino

The online gambling industry is thriving like never before. The innovation have been permitting iGaming brands to access new markets and attracting new types of online gamblers that can play and win real money online.

To this day, online gambling is now mainstream entertainment that has been vibrant to all types of people in different communities. At the same time, it is not surprising that most women have joined the ship in making sure that they are part of the winning team in online gambling.

Women’s Casino Games and Gaming

The recent studies showcase a lot of interesting stuff about women gambling habits. Rewinding back in the days, women in gambling would mainly play bingo and poker, but now, most female players are now also playing real money slots and high stakes table games.

However, as it stands, there are so far does not seem to be many women in sports betting. However, that is likely to surface very soon with most women getting much involved in gambling activities.

Women Spend More Money in Gambling

Even though the online gambling industry is male-dominated, it is surprising that women spend more than male counterpart does.

There are also major gaps between men and women when it comes to betting. Female, on the whole, deposit smaller quantities.

According to Optimove, their average deposit amount is about €38.76, while men’s average deposit amount is about €54.14. Women, on the other hand, deposit more frequently (approximately 32 times per year versus 19 times per year for men) and thus end up with more money.

Women play more on mobile

Another Optimove data set shows that more women (59%) gamble on mobile than men (52%) do, demonstrating how the iGaming industry has shifted women’s attitudes toward gambling.

Why are more women gambling online these days?

The recent increase in female players can be attributed, at least in part, to the ease of access through tablets and smartphones. The increased presence of gambling sites on social media websites, as well as evolving advertisement tactics, are other factors to consider.


Women have been vibrant when it comes to playing for real money online. That alone is enough to conclude that they are making massive stride when it comes to online gambling. It’s all about gambling for real money and showing interest in most of the real money games that are available at a most gambling site.


Men gambled more often and had higher losses and gains in a nationwide telephone survey analysing the demographic trends of gambling activity in the United States (Welte et al. 2004). In addition, 2.9 per cent of women were problem gamblers, compared to 4.2 per cent of men, according to the findings.
The majority of people cannot and will not become wealthy by gambling. The odds are stacked against you at casinos. Poker players pay the rake, and sports bettors pay the vig. However, some people defy the odds, and this Maybe you.

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