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Reopened Las Vegas Casino Poker Rooms Witness High Demand for Action


Reopened Las Vegas Casino Poker Rooms

Reopened Las Vegas Casino Poker Rooms

Online casino gaming became the new norm during the lockdown period amid the global pandemic COVID-19. As most people were staying indoors to combat, the virus there was no chance for them to visit their favourite land casinos including Poker rooms.

Now, as most businesses in the USA starts to reopen, land casinos and various Poker rooms are no exception, rather players now have the opportunity of placing real money bets.

The good examples of the poker rooms that will offer be open are The Bellagio. Their Poker section has been open since last week Thursday.

At the same time, The Strip casino has been open as well following all the social distancing requirements. The casino got permission to operate their six-handed games by the Nevada regulators.

Moreover, most Poker rooms in Las Vegas that have opened in recent days got the green light to host five-handed games. This is the latest guidelines from Nevada casino regulators working along with various health experts.

Poker players who do not have Plexiglas will be required to wear a face-mask.  However, the Managing Director of the Bellagio casino has hinted a positive response from the gamblers.

The Performance of Poker Rooms over the Weekend

Indeed, it was a busy weekend at most casinos in Las Vegas. Since they are reopening, you wouldn’t be surprised at the number of players that made their way to the Poker rooms. The Poker rooms at Orleans operated more than 20 games at one go for on Saturday.

In addition, the demand for poker action at other casinos was very high. Caesars Palace casino property reopened its poker room on Thursday. The casino has been hosting five-handed casino games. Moreover, on Saturday they ran 10 to 15 games throughout offering gamblers the best gaming extravaganza throughout.

As in that was not enough, the Poker Room at the Venetian was the first casino to open multi-table tournaments. The poker venue ran $250 buy-in event on Friday and Saturday and it involves 80 participants.

These 80 gamblers were shared amongst the 16 five-handed tables; different gamblers won each of the tables.

Final Thoughts

If you are still stuck at home trying to figure out which online poker game you should play, well, we recommend that you go out and look for the best casino poker room in your area. Poker tournaments are back and that means you now have an extensive chance of winning real money.

All you need to do is to make sure that you are safe as you place your real money bets at poker rooms or at an online casino in the USA.

The completely online poker system is not rigged. We have no doubt that the financial incentives for poker websites to maintain the reputation of their games are very valuable.
Some players are sucked on several times and they have lost money along the way. This has made gamblers to believe that poker is rigged yet that’s not the case.
There is a chance for you to play poker for real money in the USA. All you need to do is to play at a reputable casino online and win real money.

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