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A Complete Guide to Skrill Online Casino – 2021

skrill casino

skrill casino online

Online gambling industry carries a handful of online payment options that are well-decorated. However, Skrill is also amongst the few online casino account payment methods. Skrill will offer you an easy way of making your deposit and withdrawals. 

Also known as the Moneybooker, the e-wallet company has made the life of online gamblers quite easier. The payment method is very easy to use, safe, quick and always convenient. You can also include your email address upon signing so that you will get daily update. 

It doesn’t get any better than this. The good thing now is that you no longer have to hear how good it is from somewhere else rather Top 10 Online is the information hub you can get everything you need to know about Skrill online casino. 

Getting to Know Skrill Online Casino

Skrill payment system was found in the United Kingdom in 2001 using the name Moneybookers during that time. A few years later the payment company rebranded to be known as Skrill. Besides offering its clients the much needed online casino banking platform the e-wallet goes beyond that.

And that made them attract quite a number of clients to their name. Due to its capability of offering secure and safe services, Skrill has made quite a reputation at online casino gambling. The payment option has proved to be reliable to many casino players hence a good reputation on their cards. At the same time, real money gamblers will have to enjoy their casino bonus offers without any hassle. 

If you are an online casino that aspires to play for real money at an online casino use Skrill due to its reliability amongst many others. 

New Skrill Casinos

The beauty of the iGaming industry is that it has attracted competition to attract real money gamblers. And for that reason, there are many new online casinos that are popping out. New Skrill casinos are offering gamblers impressive welcome bonuses along with amazing ongoing promotions as well as the selection of games to play for real money.

Its only takes the real gamblers to realize that the new Skrill casinos are available to offer amazing winning chances. This is clearly indicated with the services that will be on offer.

How to Deposit Money Using Skrill

Depositing money using Skrill will not take much of your time. Online casino players must be assured that they will not spend much time making a bank transfer than to play online casino games for real money and win big.

Below we are going to highlight the simple steps you can take when making a deposit.

Sign Up to a Skrill Online Casino 

Once you have chosen your favourite online casino that uses Skrill as a payment option. The only thing that will be left to do is to make a deposit of the amount of money you want to bet. That is the moment when your money transfer will become easy. 

Create a Skrill Casino Account 

The only way you can create a Skrill account is safe and secure and you can access by visiting their site. Click on the open a free account. Once you do that you will be taken to a sign-up page. You will then be required to enter any relevant and required card information that you would want to connect to your bank account.

Once you are done with setting up a Skrill account you will receive an email that will require you to confirm the details available belong to you. Normally the details include your email, name, surname, and date of birth. 

Visit your Skrill Online Casino Deposit Page 

Look for the deposit bonus page that is available on the Skrill online casino site. Select Skrill as the e-wallet option you would want to use. Obviously there are other payment options that will also appear these include:

  • Paypal
  • Neteller
  • Paysafecard

Thereafter you will be ready to enjoy all the online casino games that will be available. 

Skrill Casinos Customer Support

Have you been in search of the best customer support at online casinos? Well, look no further, Skrill carries the best clientele base that has been treated with some good services for so many years. The payment option company has carried a very good reputation of offering its clients direct support via the help tab that is available on their website.

The categorized help pages are split into 8 numerous sections. There are there to provide all the necessary information for both existing as well as potential customers of this wonderful service. It also offers its customers vibrant customer support via their “Contact Us” button which you can find at the bottom of the page.

In case of any emergency, you can also make use of their toll-free helplines. Countries such as the US, Russia, France, Poland, Italy, Spain, Germany, as well as the UK have come with their own helplines.

Advantages of Using Skrill At Online Casinos

  1. Personal Information Is Kept Private

    When you are making any form of transactions using Skrill payment system, all your personal information is kept strictly confidential. This includes; your name as well as your address. This information is never passed onto the online casino.

  2. Instant Access To Your Funds

    Using Skrill will enable you to benefit from access to your bankroll almost instantly.

  3. Accepts 40 Different Currencies and 200 Countries

    Skrill is actually the best when it comes to accommodating its clients. The payment option supports 40 different currencies in 200 countries all over the world. So if you have been wondering about which casino payment option to use, Skrill is the best option for you.

  4. 24/7 Customer  Support

    A brilliant reason to use Skrill at online casinos is the fabulous customer support that it offers. In the event that you experience issues which are rather complex, you can always call them or send them an email or messages. Skrill deposit is something easy if you contact the customer support for assistance.

Disadvantages of Using Skrill

Not Widely Accepted – Even though Skrill is becoming popular at most businesses and online casinos, the payment option is not widely accepted at most online casinos. This is because most gamblers are used to traditional payment options such as MasterCard and Visa.

Lack of Regulation – Compared to other payment options, Skrill is amongst the those that operate outside of banks and other financial institution. This means that it clearly lacks support along with administration of big institutions.

Mobile Casinos that Accept Skrill

There is no doubt that the first version of online casinos was made available with a full-fledge version and you are only able to play using PC or laptop. Nevertheless, with the advancement of technology, you can simply tell that gambling has become easy.

And Skrill has managed to utilize that chance. Skrill can allow any gambler to enjoy gambling on any device. This means that the payment option is able to accommodate online casino players from different devices.

One will wonder what really makes online gambling portable and why Skrill has been able to offer the best payment option. Well, the technologies and relationship between the casinos have propelled Skrill to offer its customers the best user-experience for real money gambling.

Skrill Casinos FAQs

Is it free to open a Skrill account?
It is free to open a Skrill account. In order to open an account, you are supposed to visit Skrill’s official website then click on the sign-up button.

Thereafter, you must continue to register your details until the whole process is done.

Opening a Skrill account will not take much of your time and once you are done there is an option of choosing one of the 40 various currencies that are available to use.

How do I fund my Skrill account?
Yes, and this is one of the main reasons why we recommend USA online casino players to use Skrill when gambling for real money. The e-Wallet is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). At the same time, it doesn’t share your personal details with online casinos when you share your personal information when making a deposit or withdrawal.
Is Skrill safe to use?
Yes, Neteller carries a long history of offering top-notch online banking services to online casino players. All you need to is to read the terms and conditions and discover more about Neteller before you sign up at any casino.
Can I deposit money to an online gambling site via Skrill?
It is actually very possible to transfer money to online gambling sites whilst using Skrill.
Who can use Skrill?
There are over 200 different nationalities who can use Skrill as an online payment option.
Are there any fees when using Skrill?
A small fee mostly applies when using Skrill at online casinos. Nevertheless, the cost is not large at the same time it proves to be a very favorable payment option to use.