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Best USA Online Sports Betting Guide

sports betting USA
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Online sports betting in the USA is when online gamblers place their bets on the outcome of a sporting event. In the event that their prediction for the outcome is correct, they will be paid out in the form of real money.

However, there are numerous sports in the USA that players can bet on these include;

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Motorsport
  • Hockey
  • Horse racing

At the same time, USA gamblers are also able to place their real money bets at reputable land-based sport betting houses or the top sports betting sites online. On that note, our complete guide will assist you to understand more about sports betting online.

This includes the types of online sports betting, USA online sports betting odds. If you are eager to know more our complete guide below will give you the real insight before you sign up at any sportsbook.

How Does Sports Betting USA Operate?

At the most reliable and the best sportsbook, gamblers need to be at the minimum age of 18 years so that they can place a bet.

Nevertheless, in the Nevada state gamblers must be 21 years of age so that they are deemed eligible to play. Before players place a bet they must choose which bet they want to make, keeping in mind that there are various bets they can bet on. These include;

  • Parlay
  • In-play
  • Straight
  • Teaser

Thereafter, players will then choose a side simply by clicking on the side that they want for that particular sport of their choice. Here you simply choose how much you will want to bet, simply confirm the bet and your bet will be processed.

How we Review Real Money Sports Betting Websites in the USA

Ever since sports betting online has become a very popular way of winning real money through gambling, there is no US gambler that want to have the worst betting experience online. Therefore, in order to discover the best and most secure sports betting site, simply evaluate any sports betting site using the following criteria:

  1. Regulated and Trustworthy

    It is very essential to have an understanding that the website is under a reputable regulator. This will guide you to know if the sportsbook is trustworthy as it is a holder of a license permitting them to accept US online players.

  2. Types of Bets Available

    We all want to enjoy real money winning right? Well, at sports betting online you need to check whether the online sports betting site offer numerous bets. You need to check what more do they to offer, this includes a wide selection of sports you can place bets on.

  3. Bets Odds Online Sports Betting

    Are the sports betting odds at US sports betting sites competitive? You need to look in what way are the odds presented, is it the American fraction or the decimal fraction. You need to know about these things before you place your bets.

  4. Top-class Deposits and Withdrawal Options

    Look if the website will accept various payment options, be it for deposit and withdrawal. Verify if the withdrawal and deposit are done quickly.

  5. Customer Support

    Sporting events take place at any day or anytime and placing bets on the game is actually the same. Therefore, sports betting online websites must be always available to offer their services 24/7 via email, live chats and telephone.

Types of Online Sports Betting USA

As mentioned before, there are various kinds of sports that USA gamblers can bet on. However, you need to keep in mind that the recommended sports betting online site in the USA offer popular sports leagues such as;

Football Betting

This mostly includes placing bets on the top three big leagues in the USA which are NCAA, NFL, and CFL. Nevertheless, the Superbowl is the popular sports event that USA gamblers like to bet on.

  1. Basketball Betting

    This is another sport that encompasses another huge following in America when it comes to online gambling. American gamblers can place their bets on the College Basketball and the NBA.

  2. Baseball Betting

    It doesn’t matter if it is the minor or the major league, USA gamblers who likes the sport can also place wagers on the outcome of the match.

  3. Golf Betting

    Sometimes placing a bet might seem to be very complicated because it is not based on the outcome of the tournament but the players’ performance is also put under consideration.

Odds at the Best Online Sports Betting Site

The odds available at the best online betting sites in the USA indicates to gamblers the chances they have for their bet to win. Nevertheless, there are different ways that these odds are shown. Most of the reputable sports betting site online.

However, there are three ways of the online sports gambling odds which are the American, Fractional and Decimal odds. The Fractional odds are used mostly by the best online sports betting websites in the UK. And in most cases, there are shown as 2/1 odds. These decimals are European and can be shown as 3.00 odds.

In most cases, the American odds are mostly for the favourites and the underdogs in a particular match.

Best Mobile Sportsbooks USA

The advancement of technology has made a lot of sports enthusiasts to place bets on sports using their mobile devices. A lot of US sports betting sites also encompass betting App, the app will become helpful that gamblers will use when they want to know about any upcoming sports events as well as the odds that are available.

Nevertheless, the sports betting app will also allow you to place your bets even if you are away from your computer. Only a touch of a button will surely make you enjoy real money betting in the USA when you place your bets using a sports betting app.

These sports betting apps are also user-friendly offering you a great user-interface that will usually offer you an immense gaming experience in the USA. Sports betting apps are also available on desktop as well as on web browsers.

Legal American Betting Sites in the USA

The Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) could not permit American states to legalize sports betting. But in May 2018, the law gave a green light to sports betting in the United States of America.

Real money sports bettors were allowed to place their bets on various sports events via offshore sportsbooks.

Nevertheless, some of the states were exempted from this act and were given permission to accept bets from USA gamblers. States that include; Montana, Nevada and Delaware are exempt from this law.

This means they made sports betting legal way before PASPA was passed, ever since in May 2018, the law has changed.

However, keep in mind that legal sports betting in the USA are available in more than 20 states. On that note, have a look at the states that encompass legal sports betting the USA below.

West Virginia Sports betting Sites

The West Virginia sports betting launched its operation in September 2018. Sports betting in this state is allowed online and the mobile betting is also available. However, sports gamblers can place their bets at DraftKings and FanDuel sportsbook

Rhodes Island Betting Offer

The Rhodes Island’s Governor went on and signed a sports betting bill into law in March 2019. This was a few months after mobile sports betting was available live in the state. This USA sports betting site action runs through the state lottery in conjunction with William Hills.

Pennsylvania Betting Websites for Sports

The first sports betting app in Pennsylvania was launched in May 2019. By the time we reach the month of December, there were eight active apps that real money players could place their bets on. The best sports betting sites available in the state include;

  • BetAmerica
  • BetRivers
  • Sugarhouse
  • Parx

Oregon Betting Site

In 2019, Oregon lottery found its way in the gambling circles. And soon after a month most of the state’s casinos started accepting bets for real money gambling. In addition, the main sports betting in Oregon is the Scoreboard App.

New York Online Betting

New York is the empire state that carries one of the biggest web-based gambling industries in the United States. Some of the most popular betting apps in New York include;

  • BetOnline Bovada
  • BetNow
  • GTBets
  1. New Mexico Gambling Online

    In 2018 the New Mexico sports betting was launched. As of now, the state carries numerous tribal casinos offering the best sports betting for American gamblers.

  2. New Jersey Betting

    In less than the month after the decline of PASPA, New Jersey launched sports betting for US real money gamblers. However, sports betting is tremendously growing in the state as there are 13 New Jersey sports betting apps.

  3. New Hampshire Betting Online

    The sports betting in New Hampshire is currently in the hands of DraftKings Sportsbook. The online betting in the New Hampshire state was selected by the legislators soon after the legal sports betting was certified in 2019. Real money gamblers are able to use the app to make their bets even beyond the state borders.

  4. Nevada Betting Sites Online

    For a long time, sports betting has been always legal in Nevada. A lot of casinos in this state offer real money online and mobile sports betting apps. Players can place their sports bets from anywhere within the state making use of top-notch apps.

  5. Mississippi Online Sports betting

    Mississippi online gamblers can only place their web-based bets whilst they are within land-based casinos. However, state regulation only permits mobile betting whilst you are at the casino property.

  6. Indiana Sports Betting Online

    The sports betting in Indiana was launched in 2019. And up until now, the sportsbooks in the states have been offering gamblers the best sports betting services for real money.

Delaware Gambling Websites

Delaware is well-known for brick and mortar sports betting sites. But that does not stop sports bettors to place their bets online. If you want to have some time at brick and mortar casinos in the state, you can simply visit,

  • Dover Down Hotel
  • Delaware Park
  • Casino and sportsbook
  • Harrington Raceway and Casino

Arkansas Betting Online

Sports betting in the US is permitted in Arkansas and they are four locations that have been authorised to accept sports bets. Amongst the four locations, two are currently offering sports betting. Gamblers in the state are able to place real money bets on their favourite sports in the USA.


If you are so much into sports and you want to test your knowledge on how you understand your favourite game, sports betting is a good starting point. The USA carries the best sports betting site for real money bettors.

And the good thing is that these sportsbooks will allow you to bet on your favourite tie sports anywhere at any given time. The sports betting odds are simply favourite designed to make sure that you walk away with real money at the end of it all.

Sports Betting USA FAQs

Is it legal to place a bet on sports online in the USA?
Yes, this only depends on the state you are playing from. Gamblers can only be allowed to bet online only if the state authority permits
Which sports betting site is good?
There are various good sports betting sites in the USA only choose the one that carries all the features that we recommend.
How do sports betting work in the USA?
Sports betting is all about placing a bet on a particular sporting event predicting the outcome of the event. Sports bets can be placed on a match, player or any event.
Can I use Bitcoin to bet on sports?
Yes, most of the sportsbooks in the US accept Bitcoin deposits. At the same time, you are able to withdraw your winning with Bitcoin.